Collaborative approach

It takes a village to succeed, especially in business. Since Guildstreet formed in 2016, our vision has been to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with their financial needs and help them find professional support to expand their thriving businesses. We are proud to be part of a village — a guild — of entrepreneurs who share a common goal of cultivating a community of small businesses who leverage their services to help each other to shine.

That is the concept behind the name Guildstreet — a tribute to the many old and new marketplaces and streets, where groups of merchants gathered to form guilds. Together, guilds fostered business collaborations and created trading links. Through the strength of guilds and merchant associations, small businesses foster stable economic prosperity and resilience in times of crisis.

Today, the concept of guilds remains relevant: there is power in the collective to bring prosperity for all. By exploring, connecting, collaborating and sharing our services, we can sustain our modern guilds, and together, we can achieve amazing things.

The Guildstreet logo embodies our values

Establishing healthy foundations: We honour history and the lessons learned from the guilds. In the centre of the logo is the shield, representing the guild, and the arch over the top represents the historic guildhall beams.

Nurturing healthy ecosystems: Our commitment to sustainable business operations is represented by the green colour palette, which also honours the sustainability and support that small businesses bring to commerce and society.

Supporting community: The intersecting circles of the logo represent the coming together of the community. Our guilds of entrepreneurs are linked with a common vision. By collectively leveraging each other’s strengths and services - we elevate each other.

Guildstreet logo design by Jenz Grove of Grove Media.